Johnston & Murphy

Craft Your Way to Work

Today’s working professional is, above all, versatile. No matter what they do, where and when is in their power. They’re a jack of all trades and a master of fun; always at the ready, and always ahead of the game. In honor of this new professional class, we created a shoe collection lightweight enough to keep up, and stylish enough to show up.

As a creative person, I felt a need to explore opportunities outside of the conventional corporate career path.”

Meet Lytel Young

After working in a more traditional space, Lytel Young decided he wanted his career to match his creativity. Now, as a real estate entrepreneur, he sets his own pace, but remains ready to work all day, every day.

Weightlessly Supportive. Effortlessly Professional.

Find out what makes the Holden our most versatile shoe yet.

Where to Wear

Pair it with a suit jacket for the workday and a sports jacket for the weekend. The Holden goes wherever you need it to go.

Work. Play. Everyday.